Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Relax in Worcestershire’s beautiful, picturesque gardens

Sometimes there is nothing better than getting away from our everyday routines. A relaxing break can help you to unwind, enjoy the beautiful views that you may not get to see every day.
Whilst there are many picturesque gardens in the UK, some hold that extra special touch by adding a glimpse into the historical side of a building that it may surround, or even just to the garden itself. The character that a garden has can give a sense of relaxation, as you stroll around and take in the beautiful sights around you, which can never really be experienced elsewhere.

The fresh smell of the vast range of flowers amongst you, and the cool air can really make you smile, and enjoy your stay. At Garden Cottages in Malvern, Worcestershire, there are a range of beautiful gardens to choose from, where you can learn a bit about the history too – particularly at Perrycroft House, which is situated ever so near to where Garden Cottage is itself.

Whilst the cottage is homely, and has all of your most needed comforts, the company of the gardens simply cannot be beaten; as it offers such beauty to take in, and explore such idyllic surroundings.  Perrycroft House itself was built by CFA Voysey in 1895, and is a well preserved arts and crafts house, which is accompanied by a fantastic hillside setting.  With its beautiful garden feature, many visitors enjoy the added touch of history, and the sights of the garden regularly, visiting throughout the year.

With 10 acres of formal and informal gardens, meadows, ponds and woodland, there is more than enough to keep surprising you as you walk through Perrycroft gardens. It is walking distance from Garden Cottage, so you won’t need to worry about having to walk too far.

If gardens are something that you love, then you will be pleased to know that near Garden Cottage, there is a wide range to choose from. Not only is there the gardens of Perrycroft House, but there are many others within a short distance. There is Pictor gardens, which features over 400 types of Michaelmas Daisies, and if you want to grow your own, you can seek specialist advice on how to do this.  There is also Little Malvern Court, which is the Priors Hall, and dates back to the monk’s cell of the former Benedictine monastery of 1480. 

Amongst these gardens is the stunning Spetchley Park Gardens, which has an amazing element of history to it.  With 30 acre grounds, a deer park and lake, there is so much to take in – where you will feel relaxed, and will enjoy the surroundings of such beautiful scenery. 

Staying at Garden Cottages can promise you a relaxing stay that you will enjoy and remember.  Visiting the gardens can be something unique and special, and being amongst such historical places will be something out of the ordinary; giving you those memorable, picturesque photos that you wouldn't be able to experience in the same way anywhere else.

Garden Cottages are situated near various gardens within Worcestershire, and can offer more advice on places to visit. 

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