Thursday, 8 January 2015

Exploring the history surrounding Garden Cottage in Malvern

Garden Cottage is situated near the beautiful Malvern Hills, which have been described as a mountain range in miniature.  This holiday cottage in Malvern is an ideal getaway for couples and families alike. All of your home comforts are included to give you a warm welcome, and the breath taking surroundings are sure to make you feel well rested throughout your stay.

You have most likely been long awaiting for that getaway, after long days at work and children being at school.  The cottage has much more to offer than it may seem.  Situated near the Malvern Hills, means there is plenty of lovely countryside scenery, and for those that like long walks or hiking this would be an ideal source of fun and adventure.  It has an 8 mile ridge which contains some of the oldest rocks in Britain. George Mallory, who was the 1924 British Mountain Everest Expedition walked here in his preparation for his ascent of Everest.  It is still unknown whether Mallory reached the summit of Everest, as he unfortunately went missing during his journey with a fellow friend. 

Other fascinating historical facts include, how William I (the Conqueror) decided to designate his land as a Royal Forest.  William I (the Conqueror) wanted to include his land at Hanley, but much of the surrounding area too. This then adjusted the rights of Common for example, the right to graze certain animals and collect firewood.

History of the Malvern Hills

Charles I is also another historical figure that had some involvement with the Malvern Hills. He raised money and had a survey made of the Malvern Chase in 1628. The name ‘Third Woods’ was given to commemorate Queen Victoria's Jubilee.
History of the Malvern Hills

It may also be of interest to know that during the 200 years the remaining area of open space and common land became eroded by enclosure and encroachment. Major land owners such as the Hornyolds carried out an enclosure. It inevitably led to some concern over the loss of the common land. Eventually, a number of local people wanted to work together to preserve the nature of the Hills, and in 1876 they formed the Malvern Hills Preservation Association.

If you fancy seeing the history that surrounds our beautiful holiday cottage in Malvern, and would like to learn more about what you can find on your relaxing stay here, then you can visit

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